Moving house is stressful; moving house with kids can ratchet up the stress levels. Your children may find the upheaval a little distressing, particularly if they have never moved before. That’s why it’s important that you put steps in place designed to keep your kids comfortable (and behaved) throughout your move.


Happy children will make your move far easier so here are some tips to help keep your kid-a-lids cheerful come moving day.


Make Sure Your Plans Revolve Around Them

The more effort you put into planning your move around your kids normal, everyday routine, the smoother the process is likely to be. There’s no point trying to simply take them along for the ride, you have to make sure to keep their routine as normal as possible. This means ensuring they don’t miss out on school, sports practice or any other extra curricular activities.


Remember, It Will Take Longer

It doesn’t matter how good you are at keeping the kids on track, moving with kids will take longer. You need to double the amount of time that moving used to take you (in your pre-child days) for every child you have. Kids have a lot of stuff so make sure you follow this rule.


Be a Leader

Your kids will look to you to see how you respond to moving day. If you show that you’re stressed, then they will be stressed too. So try to stay happy and calm. Make moving day into a game, if needs be. Another part of being a good leader is knowing when and how to pick your battles. If they don’t want to eat their lunch or they insist on wearing a purple tutu with their superwoman costume, just give in on moving day. Let the little things go and focus on the bigger picture. Moving day is not the time to be fighting little battles.


A Bit of Responsibility Goes A Long Way

Kids respond well to responsibility. It gets them involved and it makes them feel as though they are part of the process. Giving them a few small jobs to do will also keep them occupied so you can focus on getting things done.


Be a Little Sneaky

You’ll probably need to get rid of some of the clothes and toys that your kids don’t use anymore. The problem is, if you do this in front of them, you may be met with a tantrum. Tantrums most certainly aren’t conducive to a successful moving day so it may be best to have a clean out when they’re not around.


Try To Find A Babysitter

All of these tips will help, but the best way to move with children is to organise someone to look after them. Even if it’s just for a part of the day, it will be enormously helpful. So if a friend or family member offers to take them off your hands on moving day, jump at the opportunity.


Familiarise Your Kids with their New Home

If you’re moving interstate or overseas (and you have the time and the means), it’s always helpful to take your kids on a little trip to familiarise them with their new neighbourhood before moving day. Take them to the local playground, let them see their new school, and check out your new house. Even a quick trip will help ease them into their new home.


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