Moving house is one of the most time-consuming and difficult projects to undertake. As such, it’s important you take a minute to understand exactly what’s involved in moving and how to plan accordingly to make sure the experience is as stress-free as possible.


Kent Removals and Storage has passed on some advice on what you should be doing, and what you shouldn’t be doing, to make sure this momentous task goes off without a hitch.


What Not To Do When Moving House


Leave everything to the last minute

Even the most devoted minimalists will be surprised at just how much ‘stuff’ they’ve managed to accumulate. There’s probably storage areas you’ve forgotten about, and regardless of how clean a cupboard you maintain, it will take at least a day to pack your wardrobe properly. So, you need to start planning and packing at least two-months out from your move to get everything done by moving day. Proper moving is all about chipping away, rather than rushing through everything in a weekend.


Choosing the first removalist you come across

There are a ton of moving companies out there. So many that without proper research, you could end up with an outfit that is so unprofessional they derail your move, damaging furniture and loosing boxes along the way. Read How to Choose A Moving Company to guide you through your research.


Throw things in boxes and hope for the best

On the surface, moving house seems fairly straightforward. You throw things in boxes, carry them into a truck and unpack them in your new home. In reality, moving is about taking all of our treasures (some of which are very fragile), placing them in a truck where they will bounce, jump and crash into each other, and hoping that they make it to the other end. If you want to have more than just hope on your side, you need to pack carefully. This means:


  • Purchasing quality packing boxes and material supplies
  • Never overfilling boxes; each box should be easily lifted by one person. So, for heavy items (like books) use a greater number of small boxes. For light items (like pillows and bedding), break out large boxes.
  • Protecting the contents of your boxes with bubble wrap or butcher’s paper and filling any empty space with cushioning materials, such as towels or clothing.
  • Clearly labelling your boxes with their contents. Never use a vague labelling system with just ‘kitchen’ or ‘bedroom’. This makes finding items at your new home almost impossible. Instead, opt for labels like ‘Kitchen – pots and pans’ or ‘Main bedroom – contents of bedside table’.


What to Do When Moving House


Take time off work

You need more than just the weekend before the move to get prepared. You should try and take a couple of days off either side of the move to allow you to completely pack the old house and get the new one set up. Just make sure you put your notice in early enough.


Get a babysitter for moving day

Moving house with kids isn’t impossible, but does add a degree of difficulty. Things are already hard enough so before the move do a ring around and organise for a friend or family member to look after your children. Young children aren’t the most helpful moving companions and without them tearing underneath your feet you’ll be able to give the move your full attention.


Use professional movers

If you’re extremely busy and just don’t have the time to complete planning and preparation properly, ask your removals company whether they offer a professional packing service. You may need to outlay a little extra money to ensure that your move stays on track and your valuables make it to the other end intact.


Invest in removals insurance

Your home and contents insurance won’t cover your valuables while they are in transit. Never move without asking your removals provider for a removals insurance policy. Good companies will have a range of policies that are flexible and comprehensive enough to suit your needs and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your treasures are covered in the event that something goes wrong.


Write down important contact numbers

Mobile phones die and when they die they take all those important contact details with them. Your entire move could be placed in jeopardy if you can’t get in touch with your removalists to pass on access information or changes in drop-off times.


Stay calm

Stressed movers are ineffective movers. It’s a stressful day, but you need to come up with a plan to ensure you don’t start to spin out. Being prepared is the best way to take the stress out of the day because every time you start to stress and feel as though things are getting out of control you can just turn to your plan and calmly work through it.




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