How do you find buyers?

Our proven marketing employs wide ranging and effective systems, including our extensive email database, real estate websites and our boards in the local area. They cover modern media and employ highly successful strategies and systems we know attract all those interested in purchasing in the area.


Some people talk in feet, square feet & squares. Others in metres and square metres. It’s confusing!

Despite the change over from imperial to metrics, old ways still persist and some people still cannot fully relate to metrics.

The conversions are:

1 metre=39.3701 inches
1 metre=3.28084 feet
1 square metre=10.764 square feet
1 square metre = 10 square feet


Someone on my lease wants to leave, what happens with their bond?

If permission is granted for tenants to change/transfer during a tenancy agreement, then the outgoing tenant must liaise and arrange with the incoming tenant to be paid their share of the bond lodged.

You must contact and then liaise with us for any transfer of names required on the original bond lodged with the bond authority.


What do I do if I want to sell my property?

If we currently manage your property and you are looking to sell (or even if we don’t and you are looking to sell), your choice of agent is critical in ensuring you get the best price in the sale.

Many of our owners live interstate or out of the area and don’t have relationships with selling agents in the area that their property is located in.

Fortunately we can help…

Just call us and we’ll organise to do an inspection to give you an accurate, up to date opinion of value.

If the decision is to sell, we will talk to the tenant to ensure smooth sailing throughout the process.

Our goal is to help you get the very best return on your investment and that extends to ensuring the best possible price is achieved when you want to sell.


How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

This is a common question and unfortunately there is no one answer.

However, properties that are better presented, priced according to market conditions and represented by a professional agent, will be rented more quickly.

At Aitken Real Estate we have a very low vacancy rate of which our property management team are justly proud.


How do I change the management of my property over if it is currently being managed by another agent?


If you currently have a property managed by another agent and for any reason would like to change over to Aitken Real Estate, fill out our enquiry form and we will take care of the rest.

If you choose to have us manage your investment property, we will organise for your tenants to be notified and for the keys to be collected from your managing agent.

Everything else carries on as usual. Changing your managing agent couldn’t be easier.


Is an auction the best way to sell my home?

Never mind what agents tell you or what you read in the papers, auctions are a financial minefield for consumers.

Despite the booms in many areas, thousands of homesellers are turning their backs on auctions and benefiting. But there are still thousands of sellers who don’t realise what happens to them at auction until it’s too late.


When are you available?

Aitken Real Estate never sleeps!

We have a live answered phone service 24/7. We can also make an appointment to see you at your home at a time convenient to you. Many people are working during the day, so we often have appointments late into the evening and at weekends.

Please call or email us to arrange a suitable time.


How much does it cost to advertise?

All our marketing is totally inclusive of our fee. There are no added extras such as a separate marketing fee.


What makes Aitken Real Estate different from other agents?

At Aitken Real Estate, not only do we have experience in the industry, but our team is also made up of skilled negotiators to get you the best price possible. These sales specialists take part in ongoing training and support to make sure you come out a winner!

We’re committed to ethical systems and exceptional levels of client care. Everything from our quotes to the final selling price is honest and accurate.

Read what others have said on Google , Word of Mouth Online , True Local & Yellow Pages.


Our electricity is out, what should we do?

Have you checked your fuse box? There may have been an overload and the safety has been activated and needs resetting.

If renting a unit, have you checked with a neighbour? It may be the body corporate that needs to be contacted for action.

There may be a fault in the street. If this is the case, then contact your power company’s faults line.

Have you checked if one of your appliances were faulty? Unplug all appliances in the house, then reset the safety switch in the metre box. If the safety switch trips or blows again with nothing plugged in, contact Just Property Management.

If all is well with nothing plugged in, it is likely an appliance is faulty. Once you have unplugged all of your appliances and reset the safety switch, start plugging in your appliances one by one. For example: plug in your fridge and check the safety switch has not clicked off. If the safety switch does click off you know that there is a fault with the fridge and you need to get it repaired. Otherwise disconnect the fridge and plug in the stereo and continue the same process checking all of your appliances until the faulty appliance is located. If the electrician attends to the job and finds the fault is with one of your appliances, you will be charged their call out fee.


What information must we provide to the real estate agent?

Aitken Real Estate asks for 100 points of identification. Below are listed acceptable forms of ID and we would ask you to forward these along with your completed application form.

Drivers License 40 points
Passport 40 points
Photo ID 30 points
Pay slips 20 points
Medicare Card 20 points
Electricity Bill 10 points
Bank Statement 10 points
Birth Certificate 30 points
Previous Landlord reference 20 points
In addition to this, you will be asked to supply information about yourself on the application form. This will include personal and employment details, personal references and current and previous addresses.

We shall also ask you to agree in writing that we may conduct whatever searches and checks deemed necessary to authenticate your documents and the information provided to support your application. If you do not sign this declaration, your application will not be processed. Be assured that at all times, your right to privacy will be respected and any information will remain in confidence and any exchange of information will be strictly on a ‘need to know’ basis.


What are the usual lease terms?

Usually a lease period for 12 months.

However, there may be other options if acceptable for the owner and tenant.


How do I inspect a property?

If the property you wish to view is currently tenanted then we will be happy to arrange a suitable time to view the property in conjuntion with the current tenant.

If the property you wish to view is vacant, we will arrange a mutual suitable time.

We do not hand out property keys to prospective tenants.


What are my general responsibilities as a tenant?

It’s important to show respect to your neighbours at all times. Loud music, parties and disruptive behaviour can disturb a neighbour’s right to peace and quiet. This is especially true of units and apartments where there can be little more than a wall between homes. Disrespectful behaviour reflects poorly on yourself as tenants, on Aitken Real Estate as the property managers and on the property owners, and as such, it will not be tolerated.


I’ve misplaced/lost my keys, what do I do?

If you have misplaced your keys during business hours you may come to our office and pick up our master set and have a copy cut. All you’ll have to do is present identification and return the master set to us.

If you have misplaced your keys after hours, you may call a locksmith to assist you back into the property. This is at the tenant’s cost.

If you have lost your keys, you may call a locksmith to change locks. A copy of all keys changed must be provided to us. This is also at the tenant’s cost.


Can I have a pet?

You may only keep pets at your property if you have explicitly been granted permission on your lease. If you are found to have a pet at your property without permission, you will be in violation of your tenancy agreement and may face eviction. Therefore, if you are considering getting a pet, do not do it without first finding out if it can be added to your lease.

If you do have an approved pet at your property, you must abide by the following responsibilities:

Keep the yard clean
In the event of any fleas or flea eggs being present, you will need to arrange for flea fumigation of the property at your own expense
Cover the cost of any damage to the premises caused by the animal
You must abide by all local, city or state laws, licensing and health requirements regarding pets, including vaccinations.
Failure to comply with these terms shall give the owner the right to revoke permission to keep the pet and is also grounds for further action.


Can another person move in with me?

You must seek permission to add people to your lease. Additional tenants will have to complete our application process and sign onto the lease. We may refuse your request if the property is unsuitable for an additional person or the person you are proposing does not meet our eligibility criteria.


Can I break my lease?

Yes, however there are some obligations. You must continue paying your rent until another suitable tenant can be secured at the current rate. Also, you will normally pay the advertising costs required to find the tenant plus releasing costs which are generally equivalent to 1.5 weeks rent.


How much is bond?

Bond is 52 times your weekly rent divided by 12, which is defined as 1 calender month.