Herald Sun reporters Wes Hosking & Nicola Webber commented in their article on Saturday the 17th of September.. “Desperate real estate agents are cold-calling people pleading for them to spruik auctions to friends and family” and “agents are also using jazz bands, coffee carts, and champagne to lure nervous buyers…”


It’s hard not to stifle a laugh. As nearly half the auctions pass in, real estate companies would be better served in training their sales teams in excellent customer service and offer candid credible martket information that isn’t 3 months old.


Statistically, buyers dislike auctions. Therefore why promote auctions?


By using vendor’s advertising (read $$), real estate companies can enjoy higher market profile with the added bonus salespeople will condition sellers.


There are much better methods in selling a home with little or no risk to the vendors, which I will expand upon in the next post.


You can read the original article here.


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