If you’re about to conduct a renovation, you’re going to need a lot of space. Whether it’s a DIY-renovation or you’re hiring a company, you don’t want to have to construct around all your belongings. Firstly, it’s a huge time-waster, and secondly, you risk damaging your treasures in the process.


Storage has always been thought of as an expensive service; this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you find a good provider, you can actually save money by getting the renovation done quicker, without having to replace any items that have been broken during the process.


The best part of storage is the peace of mind you enjoy in knowing that all of your belongings are safe and being protected by professionals, instead of being shoved into your Mum’s garage or your friend’s basement.


So, to ensure you maximise your investment, the team at Kent Storage have passed on a few tips that will help you to get the most out of your investment in a storage space.


Selecting the Space

The storage industry is huge. More and more companies are joining the fray every day, and that only makes it harder for consumers to sort the trash from the treasure. So, how do you find a space that will provide your treasures with the care they deserve?


It’s all about asking the right questions. Cost is an obvious one, but you also need to check that the provider can store all the items you need them to. For example, do they offer vehicle storage and other special items storage? You should also check what services they offer; do they offer a pick-up and delivery service or is it up to you to ferry your goods to and from the space?


A professional storage provider will be more than happy to answer these questions and give you a comprehensive idea of exactly what you’re paying for.


Don’t Just Pack, Pack for Storage

The way you pack is vital in ensuring that your items make it out the other side of storage. Storage spaces are far harsher environments than your home, and as a result you need to provide your treasures with extra protection. Varying items will have differing needs, and for a full rundown on what you should and shouldn’t do, check out these storage packing tips.


Flexible Storage Dates

Renovations never run on time, and if you book your storage dates so that you have to pull everything out on the proposed finishing date, you could find yourself in trouble. Your storage provider should be able to offer you flexible dates, and if they don’t give yourself at least a couple of weeks’ leeway. There’s nothing worse than having to rush down and find a new place for your belongings when your eye-deep in all the pressure and stress that a renovation entails.


The Difference Between Self-Storage and Secure Storage

Self-storage is very different to professional, or secure storage. Self-storage is, as the name suggests, a simple locked space that you pack and unpack yourself. The space is also usually very simple, usually just consisting of a cage or a bricked room with a roller door.


A secure storage space is fitted out with things like 24/7 security monitoring, fire control, pest control, climate control as well as protection from dust, dirt and damp. A popular method of storage for secure storage providers is containerised storage. Containerised storage offers a number of advantages, including superior protection and reduced handling which results in fewer breakages.


Extra Services

You may want to go with a storage provider that offers a number of extra service lines. Renovations are a busy time and having these services at your disposal may be invaluable. A pick-up and drop-off service is incredibly valuable if you’re time poor, or just don’t have the resources to move your belongings to the storage space.


A packing service will also come in handy if you can’t find a minute to devote the kind of attention that your belongings need to come out of storage unscathed. Professional Packers will know exactly what to do to provide your treasures with superior care.


Storage Insurance is a Must

You need to engage with a provider that will offer you comprehensive storage insurance. No matter how professional the company is, things can go wrong and if you’re not covered it you that will be footing the bill. Comprehensive coverage means providing full replacement cost payments, pairs and sets coverage, atmospheric and climactic conditions coverage (mould, mildew, etc.) and electrical and mechanical derangement coverage for any damage related to mechanics or electrics.


Follow this advice, and you’ll be thanking yourself for making the decision to invest in storage while you renovate. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress, and you’ll also limit the chances of any of your valuables getting broken during the renovation. The cost of storage is a small price to pay for all those benefits, so if you’re about to renovate you need to start ringing around now!


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