Choosing the right agent is crucial if you want to get the highest price for your property with the least amount of stress.


Buyers have a choice – your home or someone else’s.


Your agent should be skilled, selling the positives of your property and, when necessary, selling the negatives of properties that are listed with other agents.


This does not mean your agent should mislead people. It means that your agent works for you and not for the other home sellers or their agents.


Your reason

Be sure your reason for selling is confidential. No one, other than the agent you trust, should know why you want to sell.


If the buyers know you have a pressing reason for selling, this could be used against you.


It’s enough for buyers to know only that you want to sell. The reason is your business. Revealing it could weaken your position when you receive an offer.


The best agents will tell you how to give your property that special feeling that wins the hearts of buyers.


With the right agent, the right pricing strategy and your property looking its best, you will always get the highest price.


The greatest problem facing home sellers is a lack of information. Some people only sell property once or twice in their lives. Even those who sell more often rarely have the experience or the information to know how to get the best price with the least risk.


Following are some things you should consider when selecting a real estate agent. You’ll notice that in none of these ways is it suggested that you select an agent based on who charges the lowest fee, or on who quotes the highest selling price to you. This is the most dangerous way to select a real estate agent.


Insist on a guarantee

The best advice to any person thinking of selling a property is to insist on an iron-clad service guarantee – one that gives you the opportunity to terminate the agent’s services without penalty if you’re not receiving the service your agent promised you at the listing presentation.


All agents will ask you to sign an agreement before you sell your property. But remember that you’re being asked to sign their agreement. Many sellers bitterly regret signing that agreement with the agent.


The best agents will gladly guarantee their services.


Avoid agents who don’t offer a service guarantee.


Find an agent you trust

If you don’t trust the agent, don’t hire the agent. A major ingredient in any relationship, business or personal, is trust.


Before you choose your agent, ask many questions, check reviews, ask for a guarantee, test their negotiating skills and ask yourself a BIG question: Do I feel comfortable with this person handling the sale of (possibly) my greatest financial asset?


If your answer is ‘no’, don’t hire the agent.


Once you decide on an agent, give the agent your trust and confidence. Don’t interfere.


Allow the agent to make decisions and get on with the job of finding the right buyer for your property.


If the agent later loses your trust, provided that you insisted on a guarantee, you can always dismiss the agent and find one you can trust.


The best agents are worthy of your trust. They won’t let you down.



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