Placing your treasures in storage can be a confronting experience. You won’t be around to keep an eye on them, so it’s essential that you pack all your valuables correctly. To ensure you know everything you need to know about packing for storage, we’ve teamed up with Kent Storage to bring you this Ultimate Packing for Storage Checklist.


General Moving and Storage Tips

  • You need an inventory. This will be your most valuable document throughout your storage experience. It will allow you to tell at a glance what is in storage and what needs to come out of storage. It will also be valuable in sourcing quotes from storage providers.
  • Finding the right facility is all about asking the right questions. You need to ask about their capacity, what services they offer, their security systems and their access conditions.
  • There are many different types of storage and the type you choose will have a big say over how well protected your items are. The best protection comes from containerised storage solutions because your belongings are protected from the elements and the reduced handling means there is less chance of breakage.
  • Be careful when sourcing quotes. The storage market is enormous and there are as many dodgy providers as trusted one’s out there. You should only go with companies that have been in the industry for a period of time. Keep in mind that while smaller companies may offer cheaper prices, they often use third-parties to carry out the contract meaning you have no idea who is looking after your treasures.


Storage Packing Tips

  • Certain items will have different needs when it comes to storage. For example, you need to double wrap items that are susceptible to heat and cold, such as vinyl records, photos and books. You also need to protect your furniture from mould and mildew by treating leather and wooden furniture, and ensuring it is wrapped adequately. Whitegoods need to be thoroughly cleaned and completely dry before they are stored. You should also prop open jars and lids to prevent smells from building up.
  • The best way to store electrical items is to try and find the original packaging. If you can’t find this, you should invest in a custom-made box that is full of quality packing material. Remember to remove all batteries, you cannot store batteries in a professional storage space.
  • Some storage providers will offer special packaging that is designed to keep clothes wrinkle-free. If you want a simpler storage option, go for clear plastic tubs with clip-on lids. Never store your clothes in cardboard boxes as these don’t provide the required protection from dust, pests, mould and mildew.
  • If you’re storing machinery, you need to make sure that all oil and fuel has been drained. Machinery that contains fuel and oil presents a danger to the storage space, so never forget this step!


Packing Your Storage Unit

  • You’ve paid for every inch of the space, so you may as well use it all. The sky’s the limit when it comes to packing your storage unit and the safest way to pack to the roof is to use sheets of plywood to create layers in between your boxes.
  • To maximise space, place longer items such as bookcases, along the walls of the storage space.
  • You should always lay wooden pallets across the floor. Despite best efforts, moisture can creep in and if you want your treasures to stay high and dry this is the best option.
  • A good labelling system is essential. You never know when you’ll need to pull an item out of storage and if you have to go through each and every box to find that item, then your storage experience will be a nightmare. A good example of a labelling system is to use colour-coding, which means each box is affixed with a coloured sticker and the colour is marked off against the item on the inventory.
  • Remember, you are just leasing the space so you need to make sure you pack to protect the space or you may face penalties. The best way to protect the unit is to use plastic wrap to guard against spills, dampness and other damage from your belongings.
  • A good lock is essential when storing your items. For the best protection, go with a heavy-duty, all-weather short-arm lock. Short-arm locks can’t be prized open with bolt-cutters, which provides you with another form of protection.


Storage is a great option for people who are in-between homes and don’t want to have to stash their treasures in friends’ and family’s garages and sheds. If you find a quality provider, you can be assured of great protection for your valuables and you’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of by professionals.


Use this Packing for Storage Checklist and your valuables will come out of storage in the same condition that you put them in!


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