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– Kelly Raine, Homeowner, Cheltenham

What sets Aitken Real Estate apart?

See exactly how sellable your home is in just minutes

Why take the quiz?

Simple. It could put thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket. In fact, hour for hour, there’s probably no better return on investment than following these simple steps.

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  1. Take the quick quiz and get your results
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Who is Aitken Real Estate?

Stephen Aitken founded Aitken Real Estate in 1989 because he was fed up with the way most real estate agents treated sellers and buyers.

Since then, he has advised thousands of homeowners on how to sell their properties for more.

With over 100 reviews online, his results speak for themselves. Recently he asked the question, “How can I show people how to boost the value of their property without actually being there.” That’s how this test came about. “It was too important to leave to anyone else” he says. “I was compelled to do it myself.”

What others have to say about Aitken Real Estate…

Had the most refreshing and honest dealings with Aitken Real Estate and they made it very special helping me buy my first home! The agents are outstanding with their communication and are very honest with their approach which is hard to come by!

Ashleigh Roberts


We found dealing with Aitken Real Estate and Danielle to be great and learning experience. We found Danielle to be confident and caring from the very outset. Danielle was confident about what she would deliver, and communication was fantastic. We found the private inspections really worked well and we would high recommend Aitken Real Estate and would mot definitely recommend Danielle as your agent.

Lalini Nimal & Mahendra Ra Saratnam


I found Aitken Real Estate supportive, available and reassuring, and it was particularly comfortable because I’ve recently become a widower and for 40 years, my late husband used to do all of the administration so the prospect of selling a bit daunting. I certainly has the feeling my best interests were at heart and also the enthusiasm. 

Sammi Reindl


If you are looking for the perfect agent I would highly recommend Dani Scanlon from Aitken Real Estate. Dani was efficient, hard working, completely honest with a wonderfully warm sense of humour. She not only managed to sell my home above the asking price, her confidence and energy turned a stressful situation into a happy one.

Louise Thompson