Property Silent Bid
Property Silent Bid

A property silent bid takes place when there is more than one buyer interested in a property for private sale.

A property silent bid allows each skilled sales person to negotiate the highest price from their buyer with a signed Property Silent Bid Form. It is then placed in a sealed envelope, kept confidential and only opened along with all other offers in the presence of the seller.

As a seller determined to achieve the highest possible price, the one thing that you should never do is let your interested buyers know what other offers you have received. Why? Because the focus for the interested buyers becomes outbidding the competition by $1,000 as opposed to focusing on the highest price they are willing and able to pay.

If you have a bargain hunter bidding against an emotive buyer at a public auction, the bidding stops at $1,000 above the bargain hunters final bid and any chance of getting the emotive buyer’s best price has been lost. A property silent bid eliminates this, as buyers do not know what the other buyers are offering and you can often get tens of thousands of dollars more.

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