Now that the weather is warming up, you can  maximise your property’s value with a pool area makeover!


A few choice renovations and hardscaping insights can have your pool looking great in no time. This doesn’t mean breaking the bank. There are several inexpensive design decisions and fixtures you can integrate to enhance your pool’s aesthetic, and turn your yard into a private beachside resort.


Use this time to give your pool area a makeover so come Summer, it’ll be looking perfect! Here are some pool area makeover ideas to inspire you in your quest for the best swimming pool on the block.


Swimming Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is not just a security requirement. It frames the pool area nicely, and should sync with the architecture of your house and yard. Luckily, there several sleek and modern options that will refresh your pool area and save you on maintenance costs in the long run.


Glass fencing not only looks luxurious, but also prevents the scenic Summer views from being obscured. This will frame the pool area with a modern but practical aesthetic that won’t be easily forgotten. Additionally, these are made of durable glass that won’t shatter easily.


For those who prefer a bit more of a private swim, aluminium slat fencing is another fantastic option that combines the latest in architectural style and technology. These are tough, secure and long lasting, and can have a number of finishes applied to replicate any look you choose.


Pool Decking

Proper decking and surfacing is a necessary legal part of owning a pool, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make it look beautiful. Modern, minimalist decking can update the aesthetic of an entire property, while ensuring you’re completely maximising land and property value.


Pool decks will benefit from durable hardwoods that will resist all sorts of water and weather damage. When done right, a pool deck will extend your home into your pool area, while providing a comfortable and durable lounge area. The end result is always a safe and secure play area that works as good as it looks.


Time To Landscape

Getting back to basics – garden maintenance and hardscaping – could be all you need to refresh things. Trimming grass and hedges, creating defined edges for garden beds and introducing some ornamental grass varieties can really bring out the best in a stagnant garden.


Additionally, consider adding stone or exposed aggregate concrete pathways to frame the garden nicely, and provide safe navigation to the pool. These small elements can help you add your own visual flourish to the yard without needing an extensive overhaul.


Extend Your Home

An alfresco area is the height of modern housing design, allowing you to build out into a luxurious outdoor lounge that maximises your land use.


These can be used as an extra living room, kitchen, BBQ or entertainment area. Either way, these will add tremendously to your property’s value and instantly transform your house into a premium hosting location.


Shade Sails

Shade sails are the perfect combination of practical and stylish. Besides protecting you from the scorching Summer sun, they make elegant use of the vertical space over a pool. They can even completely reinvigorate the look of a pool to look welcoming and relaxing.


There are a number of ways you could approach investing in a shade sail – there are designs and colours to complement the architecture of any property, or outdoor extension like a pergola or alfresco area.


Whether you want to make your pool look better, make it safer or increase the value of your property, a pool area makeover can achieve all three in one. In the lead up to Summer, start planning how you can turn your pool into the most sought after lounge in the neighbourhood!



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