1. Real Estate Mistakes, Neil Jenman

Neil Jenman is an enthusiastic advocate for ethical systems within the real estate industry. His book shows how sensible people, who carefully watch every dollar, throw thousands away when buying and selling. Although these mistakes are avoidable, most people don’t have the knowledge to avoid the financial loss or emotional stress that comes with buying and selling a family home. Real Estate Mistakes will help you recognise these mistakes before you even start the process!




2. Real Estate Uncovered, Peter O’Malley

Written by a working real estate agent, Real Estate Uncovered reveals the truth behind the slick promises, fancy advertising and craftily worded press-releases that are made to entice sellers and buyers into the arms of real estate agents. This book will teach you how to protect yourself and turn-the-tables on those agents.




3. Hotspotting.com.au

Hotspotting is a great resource for buyers, especially those interested in investment properties. This site will save you months of research by identifying the best places to buy through detailed, unbiased and easy-to-read reports.




4. The Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with The Barefoot Investor as Scott Pape has been an independent investment advisor for more than a decade. His book is a refreshing take on most finance reads. You won’t be overwhelmed with a bunch of ‘tips’ or a strict budget. Instead, you’ll get a step-by-step formula: open this account, then do this; call this person, and say this; invest money here, and not there. This book will show you how to create an entire financial plan that is so simple you’ll be able to manage your money in 10 minutes a week.



5. Real Estate Without Agents, Terry Ryder

Most agents don’t want you to read this book! Real Estate Without Agents exposes one of the biggest secrets in real estate – how to buy and sell without agents. It shows how agents pocket billions of dollars in commissions for doing little more than placing ads. Real estate journalist and author of Property Smart and Buyer Beware (which are both fantastic books and also worth a read) offers a step by step plan on how to market and sell your house privately whilst saving yourself time, and considerable amounts of money.



6. Propertyupdate.com.au

Founded by Michael Yardney, one of Australia’s leading experts in wealth creation through property, Property Update provides commentary, articles, advice and tips on property, investment and personal finance. They publish at least half a dozen articles a day from a Australia’s leading experts as well as international guests. This website is particularly useful if you’re looking at investing in property.