Unless you live in a rural area, chances are you’re dealing with a small yard. Houses are getting smaller and smaller, which means yards are also shrinking. In fact, many homes may not even have a traditional ‘yard’ and may be dealing with trying to beautify a tiny patch of concrete. This is where our landscaping tips for small yards comes in!


Small yards can be challenging to landscape, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up. Instead of being put off by the limitations, celebrate what you have and work with it by incorporating these tips.


Go Big in Small Spaces

It seems counterintuitive, but bigger spaces work better with understatement and smaller spaces benefit from bold designs. So, you should include lots of brightly-coloured plants and patterned or textured materials in your little area. Bright colours and exciting patterns will hold your eye, and make the space look bigger.


Divide Your Space

Breaking a space up is a landscaping technique that adds size. You can use these divisions to give each corner of your backyard a different personality. For example, one corner you could include a deck and another a water feature. The inclusion of various elements that are neatly divided contributes to the illusion of space.


You Need a Focal Point

Having a central focal point in your yard is a great way to distract the eye away from the lack of space. A pergola or patio will create this focal point, and you can then organise the rest of your area around it. The key with your focal point is too go big! Remember, it’s there to distract and create the illusion of size.


Use Line to Your Advantage

Using long lines will stretch out your area, so in a small space, you should always be going long and vertical. For example, you could use a line of tall trees to create the perception of width and height. You can also create two lines of garden beds that meet in the middle to create a sense of distance. Artists can make a road look like it goes on forever just by having two lines converge, and you can do the same with your small space.


Smallness Isn’t Always Bad

People love small, intimate spaces, so don’t be afraid to embrace your small backyard. You can turn your area into a sanctuary, a refuge from the outside world by using aluminium slat beams or bamboo to shield in your space completely. You can then place a daybed, a fire pit or a café setting inside this area and you’ll have your very own slice of paradise.


Use Every Inch

There’s no room for wastage in a small space. Every single part of your backyard should be put to good use. You can do this by incorporating green walls and vertical gardens, which allow you turn blank vertical spaces into verdant squares of life. You can even make seemingly innocuous objects like BBQ’s, hose reels and water systems into works of art. The more there is to look at, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of your small space.


Go Up With Levels

A flat, small space can be incredibly uninspiring. In fact, you don’t have many options except to turn it into a standard courtyard. However, you can use levels to not only give yourself more room but also to make it more interesting.


With the power of levels, you can fit so many different elements into your backyard. For example, the first level could be a daybed, which moves up into a water feature and is crowned by a decking and backed by a garden bed. So, instead of just having a flat courtyard to look out on, you now have a multi-dimensional, multi-feature space that can be endlessly customised to your needs and wants.


So, if you’re trying to landscape a small space, you should be inspired by all the options you have at your disposal. The key is to revel in the opportunities, rather than being intimidated by the challenge.


You also need to be prepared to invest in your space. You won’t be able to create the illusion of space by throwing some turf down or creating a garden bed out of pebbles. Invest in a variety of materials, beautiful vegetation, and most importantly, be willing to take a few risks and push the envelope.


The best part about a small yard is that you’ll see results far quicker than you would with a more prominent space. In a bigger area, you need to wait for plants to mature and grow, while with a small space, even semi-mature plants will make a huge difference.


Use these landscaping tips for small yards, and you can turn your small yard into a retreat, and the perfect extension of your home.


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