It feels like interior design trends are always changing and 2017 will be no different! According to trend forecasters, marble and copper homewares are out and a more rustic look is in. So, whether you’re renovating, building a new home or just looking to spruce up your space, here are the top interior design trends for 2017.


terracottasourced1. Terracotta

The natural hues of terracotta and rustic ceramic add warmth to each space, replacing this year’s cool and white tones. There are a variety of styles to choose from, but the natural matte finish tiles are the way to go for 2017.

In your home

Use terracotta tiles for a feature wall in the bathroom or if you’re not quite ready to make that commitment, test out the trend with some terracotta garden pots. Tip: Head over to Bunnings now while they’re still cheap!




2. Upcyclingwooden-table-sourced

Upcycling just means repurposing and breathing new life into old items. As people are looking for more sustainable interior ideas, reusing and repurposing continues to gain popularity. Take something that’s no longer in use and give it a new function, making it more practical and valuable!

In your home

You can upcycle anything! Maybe an old armchair that’s looking a bit worn or some art deco pieces that could use an update? Use contemporary materials and textures to give your vintage treasures a new modern look.



corksrouced3. Cork

Next year we’ll see ordinary, everyday materials such as cork, become features in the home. Not only does it add texture to spaces, but cork is really good at absorbing the noise of the kids, plus it’s eco-friendly!

In your home

Pair cork with glass, metal, ceramics or timber. We love the look of cork based coffee tables or an entire cork wall in the home office.




4. Colourdarkgreen1-sourced

Of course, black and white will always be popular, but next year we’ll be seeing soft colours introduced to interiors, such as taupe, nude, musk, blush and pearl. If you don’t fancy the pastel revival, jewel tones like opal and rose quartz are becoming popular. And if you’re still not happy, dark green is also making a come back, replacing the navy and midnight blues.

In your home

If you’re not doing an entire renovation and just want to spruce the place up, stick with your neutral base and just add a pop of a new trending colour through furniture, home decor accessories or even a feature wall. Maybe a feature armchair in dark green?



bedhead35. Fabric bedheads

Out with the timber and (back) in with the fabric bedheads to give your bedroom a more elegant vibe. A simple, nearly covered bedhead, perhaps in a colour like dark green or blush, will be a winner in 2017.

In your home

Try covering your existing bedhead if that works, otherwise opt for the classic model in a neutral colour with buttons.





6. Natural Texture

Materials such as cane, rattan and abaca are a great way to create texture in a room. Offset the prettiness of your paintwork and rich mix of metallics, with hardy textures using raw, earthy marble, reclaimed timber, linens and leather. These raw materials will give your room a real warmth.

In your home

If you’re building a new home or renovating, you might what to think about materials such as timber and clay. But for a quicker, cheaper option,  add elements like a chunky woollen throw, sheepskin rug, leather furniture, indoor plants and floor-to-ceiling linen curtains for a raw and stylish edge.



darkwood7. Dark Timber 

Stop sanding back your furniture because blonde wood is on its way out, making room for dark timber. The richer, darker tones will go nicely with our dark green couch!

In your home

This is easy if you’re building a new home or renovating, add dark wood into your kitchen or outdoor area. If you aren’t going to such drastic lengths, we recommend buying wooden furniture in darker tones or just staining a coffee table, chairs, bar or desk you already have.




What do you think? Would you put any of these trends in your home?

What are some others you think might pop up?