While moving interstate can be incredibly exciting, it can be seriously stressful too, particularly when it comes to keeping your budget in check. The last thing you want to do when planning your new life is worry about how to get your cherished and valuable possessions to your new home. After all, starting anew is not a cheap option!


Luckily, there are several cost-saving measures that can help you stretch your dollar, keeping you in the green by the time you arrive in your new interstate home.


Read on for some tips on how to move interstate on a budget…


Travel Light

This one’s fairly obvious, but taking a good hard look at what you’re moving to your new home should be your first step. In many cases (such as oversized furniture that’s too large to fit into your new home), it may not be super cost-effective to bring all your possessions over state lines – they’ll add unnecessary kilograms and labour to the removal process.


A common fix is to sell these bulky, heavy items, and to buy second-hand from your new local area; things like mattresses, fridges, washing machines and couches are usually readily available on online community marketplaces. This will help to finance your move, make it easier to pack, and will greatly reduce your load on the environment (in terms of fuel-efficiency and recycling perfectly fine goods).


Keep An Eye On Seasonal Price Changes

As infuriating as it is, flights can change in price within a single week by hundreds of dollars – especially for longer direct flights from one coast to the other.


It may not always be as simple as choosing the cheapest fare to get where you need to go (say for a job that requires an immediate start). But, where possible, plan far ahead in advance and book plane tickets accordingly. Booking fares far in advance can save you from a lot of financial stress.


Australia’s peak travel season for flights is—unsurprisingly—around December for domestic and international visitors alike. So, avoid travelling around the end of the year if you can. November is a much cheaper month to fly, and typically sees a fair few discount deals due to a lack of movement. Alternatively, flying in May can also help land you the lowest fares possible.


When booking fares, look for midweek flights; airlines find it quite difficult to fill planes in the midweek, and it’s no secret that nearly all flights are cheaper on Tuesdays. While weekend flights might be a lot more convenient for unpacking and getting your bearings, a cost-effective move takes time and preparation.


Stick To The Ground

Keep in mind that flying isn’t always the cheapest option, though it may well be the most convenient. Keep an eye on train and bus fares, or skip the middleman and use the opportunity for a scenic drive. All these options are free from the hefty mark-ups associated with fuel price hikes and seasonal demand.


Do It Yourself

A lot of the costs associated with moving interstate come down to paying others for services that you could easily be doing yourself.


Additional expenses such as packing and professional cleaning for your vacated home can creep up on you. Instead, opt for a self-pack removals option, and scrub your vacated home yourself.


Rely On Friends and Family

Friends and family can be lifesavers when it comes to moving. Be sure to enlist their help. This might include anything from help with the labour-intensive process of packing up and boxing all your possessions, to borrowing the right vehicle for a move.


Find A Cost-Effective, Reliable Removal Service

Cut costs and stress significantly by researching removal specialists within your area. Things to look out for are:

  • A large backlog of satisfied clients
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Sound customer service
  • Excellent advice
  • Flexibility to accommodate varied loads

Call and compare between services to see which ones will put the safety of your goods and the pressure on your wallet in mind. Choosing the right interstate moving company to efficiently freight your goods can cut costs by 50% in some cases!




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